Story of our company

I like my job. That is the reason why I am always innovating – technologies, production processes, taste. I am always looking for a new ways how to make my products better. In our butchery we created several unique products which had not been sold anywhere before.This is our history.
Jiří Nedzbala

Jiří Nedzbala was trained as a butcher and started to work in a Mäsopriemysel Žilina, a state-owned meat processing company.
During fourteen years of work, Jiří Nedzbala became an expert in meat. He established his own butchery after the revolution. He started his business in a family house where he was both preparing and selling his meat.
After nineteen years he felt that the family house is a bit tight for him. Jiří Nedzbala established meat processing firm Jinex, the name is inspired by the abbreviation of his name, and he bought some buildings of then already bankrupted Mäsopriemysel. He came back where he started.
Firm built an extension which helped to raise the production capacity and also to improve the quality.
Jiří Nedzbala came with several original products such as Jinex Bacon, Žilinská tyčinka (Žilina Stick) or Staromestská klobáska (Old town Sausage) which immediately became greatly popular. Today they belong to the key products of our firm.
European Union marked Spišské párky (Spiš frankfurter) and Špekačky (Slovak grilling sausage) with the trademark TSG Slovakia and Jinex was one of the first who received a certificate for its production. For some time his company was the only one in Slovakia who produced genuine Slovak sausage. The company renews this certificate every year.
The amount of production grew approximately twice the amount it was at the beginnings of the firm. Jiří Nedzbala is a traditional producer of the region and therefore later on he decided to present his firm under the brand Nedzbala.
Začína práca na novej prístavbe, ktorá výrobu posunie ešte na vyššiu úroveň.
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